Chapter 23

"He… He’s my fiance!" Hera felt uneasy. All her grandfather’s memories about Nash were gone. Would he object to this marriage? He could not! She had to go get the marriage certificate with Nash as soon as possible. Herman pinched the bridge of his nose. "I see. You guys can go do what you need to do. Harrison, get Hubert and his family to come and see me immediately!" Hera turned to look at Nash with a helpless expression on her face. "Let's head out first…" Nash said. Hera wanted to cry when the two of them were outside. Despite wanting to cry, the tears were not forming. Hera said, "When it rains, it really pours. I think Grandpa will definitely take back the villa in Royal Bay!" "It's not like you can't live in the apartment," Nash said with a smile. "Are you stupid? The heads of the households who can live in Royal Bay are either rich or noble. We can benefit a lot if we latch onto just two or three of them!" Hera said angrily. "I’ll write up a prescription later to treat

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