Chapter 230

Father Cillian was dressed in a white robe today. He had long eyebrows and an outstanding figure. His waist-length white hair hung behind him and made him look graceful. His skin was even fairer than that of snow with a faint luster to it, and his deep and dark eyes shone with light glazing over. There was an enchanting beauty to his being. "F-Father Cillian?” A look of shock crossed Bianca’s face when she saw him. Father Cillian was the head priest of Quiet Winds Church. Quiet Winds Church had started a video account that posted videos of him drinking tea, admiring flowers, and discussing life within the church in an effort to promote the culture of the Path. His ethereal demeanor and youthful countenance despite his appearance as an elderly man attracted millions of female fans. She was able to see him in reality now. "Stop gaping. Let’s go.” Nash closed the car door and started straight for the villa gate. Only then did Bianca come to her senses. Recalling that her friend wa

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