Chapter 231

Skadi was already awake. Her face was deathly pale, and her eyes were fixed on the ceiling above her blankly. Bianca strode forward and crouched down beside the bed. She grabbed Skadi’s hand and asked worriedly, “Skadi, how are you feeling?” Hera placed the medicine bowl down on the bedside table and carefully helped Skadi sit up on the bed, letting her lean against the headboard. Skadi turned her head to look at both of them with tears in her eyes. "I thought I would never see you again…” she said weakly. It felt like a truck filled with steel had hit her the moment the long-haired youth struck her. At that moment, she felt her internal organs rupture and instantly lost consciousness. She thought for sure that she would die and did not expect Nash to save her. Hera choked on her sobs and said, "Dummy, don't talk nonsense. We still have to reach a hundred years old!" After saying that, she picked up the medicine next to her, scooped up a spoonful, and blew on it before feeding

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