Chapter 235

What was wrong with Justin? The reason why they asked him to pretend to be the Smiling Grim Reaper was so that he would accompany Skadi. Yet he left before even the minute was up! He must be taught a lesson tomorrow. After the Smiling Grim Reaper landed on the ground, he disappeared in a flash. Bianca rubbed her eyes. "What was that?" That had been some incredible speed. He had been so fast that she had not been able to catch him with her naked eye. … At the same time in Kai’s villa at Royal Bay, Simon had just informed him of Bianca’s victory over Wanda. "Damn it.” Anger filled Kai. "Skadi and Bianca, neither one is dead. Isn’t our money just wasted?” "Mr. Kai, patience. Tonight will be the highlight. Bianca happens to be at the Zabels’ residence, and the Green Bamboo Association will destroy the entire family tonight! "We'll hear good news early tomorrow morning!" Simon comforted. Iron-Kick George entered at this moment. "Sir, the head is here.” Kai was slightly taken a

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