Chapter 234

Smiling, Brian explained, "Miss Zabel's high fever is caused by the components in the medicine. It won’t have any effect on her body.” He had never heard of or seen the prescription his grandmaster had prepared before, but what was certain was that it was absolutely priceless. It was a medicine good enough to bring the dead back to life. Seeing Hera's haggard face, Bianca said softly, "Hera, why don't you go back to rest too? You can leave Skade to me.” Hera was the president of a company and was much busier than her. It would be more appropriate for her to take care of Skade than Hera. Hera shook her head and replied, "I'm fine. I'll rest here tonight.” Skadi was her best friend. She feared nothing if it was for her. She had always wanted to do something for Skadi but never found the opportunity to. The only time she managed to help her was by asking the Smiling Grim Reaper for his number, for which she got scolded. Now that Skadi was injured, she was naturally worried. "Stran

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