Chapter 233

When Skadi saw that Cillian was ignoring her, she immediately put her hand on her forehead and pretended to have a headache. "I... feel dizzy..." Only then did Cillian look up, his dark pupils seemingly containing the galaxies of the universe. His single glance made Skadi feel as if her ruse had been broken. Skadi thought to herself as she snuck a look at Cillian, 'He… didn't see through me, did he?' "Once you’re done with your medicine, get some rest.” Cillian’s voice was magnetic. His long and well-defined fingers held the spoon as he fed the unpleasant-tasting medicine to Skadi’s lips. Skadi felt as if her heartbeat was going wild. She was taken with nice voices, appearances, and hands. Father Cillian possessed them all. This was the head priest of Quiet Winds Church who captured the hearts and dreams of countless women. She opened her mouth gently to drink the concoction. Her eyes were locked onto Father Cillian's handsome face, and she found it hard to look away. Skadi bl

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