Chapter 237

In his eyes, his enemies were just corpses. Fear was not an emotion he possessed. Putting down the teacup, Justin picked up the napkin from the table and wiped his mask. He then looked at Kai coldly and asserted, "Don't challenge my temper with your ignorance.” Right after he said that, he pulled out the diamond-shaped dagger from inside his boots and spun them around a few times in the palm of his hand. When Walter saw this, he immediately rebuked Kai, "Enough! How could you ask the Smiling Grim Reaper about his matters?” He already had a rough guess as to why the Smiling Grim Reaper had appeared. Something must have happened to the Zabels, which was why Zakariah invited him. The night was destined to be a bloodbath. Queenie had also been frightened by Justin’s actions, and her face turned pale. She shot Kai a reproachful look and whispered lowly, "Why aren’t you apologizing to him?" Kai was no longer certain about the situation. He was also worried that the Smiling Grim Reaper

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