Chapter 238

At this moment, in a manor in the eastern suburbs. This was the Lee family's private mansion that had been temporarily lent to six of the Juggernauts of the Green Bamboo Association. Outside the manor, there were more than 30 members of the Green Bamboo Association. They all had crew cuts and were dressed in suits and leather shoes. Each of them also possessed the strength of a grandmaster. There was a pair of dark eyes watching the manor. They look like they belonged to a jackal that was hiding in the dark, ready to pounce. In the brightly lit villa, Howard was having a drink with three other old men. These three old men were also part of the 10 Juggernauts. Unibrow Juggernaut was 82 years old and had not a single wrinkle on his face. He had cultivated to the level of a stage nine grandmaster. As his name suggested, he had no eyebrows. Howard held up his glass and clinked it with his. "You were so fierce back then, Brother Unibrow. You cut down over 180 members of the League of

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