Chapter 239

"It indeed isn’t easy for you, Brother Nutcracker. How about this? I’ll give you 75 million each, but you can’t tell the rest.” "Howard, aren't you being too courteous?" Giant Juggernaut said with a surprised expression. "We were just joking. You can’t measure our decades-old friendship with money!” Howard agreed with a smile but was cursing mentally. Nutcracker Juggernaut was getting angry, so how could he not be courteous? With his status in the Green Bamboo Association, even if Nutcracker were to kill him, all the president would do was just curse him out a little. Unibrow Juggernaut was worried Howard would go back on his word, so he changed the subject and said, "I wonder if Hidden-Ghost and the rest have taken action by now.” Giant Juggernaut put the smile away from his face and replied, "The Zabels and Philix are slightly acquainted with one another. I hope Philix doesn’t get mad because of this.” Unibrow picked up the wine glass and downed its content. "Didn't the presi

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