Chapter 241

After twenty-plus years, the descendants of the Young family have grown to a terrifying level. If he were given a few more years, even the Klein family might be envious of them. "Nutcracker... kill him... kill him now..." Howard tried his best to suppress his fear and shouted with a crack in his voice. The Nutcracker Juggernaut raised his right leg above his head before swinging it forward. A fearful amount of energy was directed at Nash. Slap! Nash smacked his hands on the ground, kicked his feet onto the wall in a flash, and his body went flying toward the Nutcracker Juggernaut like an arrow. Boom! The force of the kick caused the villa to split in half. Nash managed to knock the Nutcracker Juggernaut out of the villa. The cables inside the villa made snapping noises. Immediately after, a raging fire broke out. Howard, Giant, and Unibrow quickly ran out of the villa. However, the Nutcracker Juggernaut was already locked in a fight with Nash. Th

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