Chapter 242

The Giant Juggernaut and the Unibrow Juggernaut trembled as they backed away. Unfortunately, right behind them was the burning villa. They had no way to escape. If they were still young, they would have chosen to fight Nash. However, ever since they participated in the Massacre of the Young Family, they had been enjoying a good life filled with good food and luxurious items. They had their own families now. Their homes were full of their children and grandchildren. They have begun to fear death. Thump... Thump... The Giant Juggernaut and the Unibrow Juggernaut fell to their knees together. Nash walked up to the three of them and looked down at them. A suffocating and deadly aura filled the room. The three of them were scared out of their wits. "And Sheldon... "Sheldon went with us to the Young Family Village too! "Walter was there as well! He lent us a lot of men!" Howard rambled with trembling lips. Three families? Did Theo not only ment

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