Chapter 244

"Babe..." Olivia picked up the phone and whispered to not disturb Nash, "Why are you up so late?" "I was woken up! "Oli, something serious happened to Jonford!" Theo said agitatedly. Olivia asked, confused, "What happened?" There was a sound of a cigarette being lit on the other side of the call. Theo took a deep breath and said, "Green Bamboo Association sent six Juggernauts to Jonford, right? Amongst them, Nutcracker Juggernaut, Giant Juggernaut, and Unibrow Juggernaut are dead, as well as thirty other grandmasters of the Green Bamboo Association!" Olivia's pupils shrank immediately when she heard that. She looked up again at Nash through the rearview mirror. Theo continued, "It was probably Nash who did it. Let Xeno follow Nash for a few days, he should know some good help who can help Nash settle some problems!" "Alright... I understand..." "Also... Howard is dead. The Five Business Giants have disbanded. There'll be another family who will suffer a disaste

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