Chapter 245

Zakariah exclaimed, "F*cking Green Bamboo Association... they crossed the line!" Bang! Justin grinned as he stood up and rubbed his chest. He asked, "That means... they didn't do anything because of me?" Nash nodded and said, "I believe so!" Justin excitedly responded, "This outfit is too cool! When Walter saw me today it was like he was meeting his grandfather!" Nash was taken aback. "You went to the Watson household?" Justin recalled his experience in the Watson household. Nash was in a cold sweat as he listened to Justin. It was fortunate that he returned to the Zabel household on time. If it were any later, the Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut would have attacked them. That move was incredibly dangerous. He was not cautious enough. When he arrived at the villa, Hera was dozing off while wrapped in a thin blanket. Nash sat beside Hera and gently pulled her into his arms. He said affectionately, "Why aren't you asleep yet?" Hera snuggled into Nash's arms and coque

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