Chapter 246

The next day. At Sagen. Amidst various luxurious mansions. The area was close to the sea and was populated with almost a hundred mansions that overlooked the sea; and seventy apartments that were thirty stories high. This place was named Green Bamboo Manor, and it was where the Green Bamboo Association’s headquarters were located! Lots of bamboo were planted around the villa. They were the Green Bamboo Association’s mascot. They symbolized continuous improvement and success. Inside the grandest-looking mansion… A group of old men sat in a circle. The man occupying the leader’s chair had a gold-colored cane with dragons engraved on it. Inside the carving of the dragon’s mouth was a ruby the size of a quail’s egg. The man’s hair and beard were white, but he seemed alert and had a solemn expression on his face. His mere presence was enough to command the utmost respect of everyone in the room. He was Dominic Carter, the president of the Green Bamboo Association, an

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