Chapter 248

Jonford. Watson Estate. Kai and Queenie were summoned by Walter to return to the mansion as quickly as possible. The two were stunned as soon as they stepped foot into the living room. All senior members of the Watson family were seated in the living room. “Mom, Dad, what are you guys doing back in the country?” Queenie stared at a middle-aged couple in disbelief. Her parents ran a business overseas and had been preparing for a business conference recently. It was only logical to assume they would not have the time to travel home and visit. Walter spoke from his place on the middle couch, “I summoned them home!” Queenie smiled and hurried to sit down next to her mother. Queenie’s father, Kevin Watson, spoke. “Everyone is here now, Father. Please tell us what’s on your mind!” Walter swept his stern gaze over everyone present. The Watson family members stiffened. Not one of them dared look him in the eye. Kai leaned back lazily onto the couch and lit a cigarette.

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