Chapter 249

However, both the Nutcracker and Grim-Faced Juggernaut had failed. It was not that difficult to figure out that they would have probably done something to escalate the situation. Last night, they brought their men along to the Zabel estate to kill the entire Zabel family. However, the Zabel family had been unharmed while three of the Green Bamboo Juggernauts had died alongside Howard Lane. It was highly likely Nash was behind this. There were no ill feelings between himself and Nash, but Kai and Nash were not on good terms. Kai and Simon had also been growing close recently. If Kai were involved in last night’s happenings, the Watson family would face imminent disaster. Walter voiced his worries and then turned to Kai once more before saying sincerely, “Kai, I’ve always felt guilty because of your parents’ early passing and everything that happened back then, which is why I chose to turn a blind eye to all the ridiculous things you do and help you get out of trouble… But

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