Chapter 250

Slap! Walter slapped Kai again. However, this time, Kai blocked him. He took several steps backward and glared at Walter. “I’d rather you kill me than make me apologize to Nash…” “Terrible… terrible child…” Walter’s body trembled with anger, and he was so angry that his vision went black, and nearly passed out. Kevin hurried forth to help his father regain his balance and said soothingly, “Father… please do not be angry…” Walter took several deep breaths to calm himself down before saying, “Freeze all of Kai’s assets immediately. No one is allowed to give him a single cent. I will seize everything you own if you help him!” The Watsons owned hundreds of companies, and Walter owned the most shares in all of them. If he wanted any of those companies to go out of business, all he needed to do was to state his wish. Queenie sighed. She could not imagine what life would be like for Kai after this, given he usually received a monthly allowance of several million dollars. T

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