Chapter 251

“Give a rundown on what you have on the Green Bamboo Association with me!” Nash leaned back lazily into his seat and placed the hand holding his cigarette next to the window, his gestures casual and relaxed. “The Green Bamboo Association was established in the early fifties, and they were first active around Grestin! “Grestin was still an unclaimed territory back then, and it was constantly in chaos because different leaders were always fighting for power! “The Green Bamboo Association was established by Dominic Carter, whose ancestors were part of the Green Forest Uprising. His family amassed quite a fortune, and he recruited dozens of outlaws to assist him in his fight for the land. It only took him twenty years before he unified Grestin and formed the country’s largest deep state! “After the handover in the late eighties, Grestin underwent massive restructuring and the Green Bamboo Association collapsed from the intense pressure the soldiers put on them. Members fled to Sage

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