Chapter 253

The Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut raised their head and stared straight ahead as they asked coolly, “Are you the real Smiling Grim Reaper?” A chilling murderous aura swept through the room. No one bled, but the rusty smell of blood permeated the air. The sun still hung high in the sky, but their surroundings turned chilly. Zakariah and Brian shuddered. The students of the Hero Martial Arts School felt a tightness in their chests. It was like a large, invisible hand wrapped around their throats. Was this just how terrifyingly powerful a Profound Reality Realm master was? Was their aura enough for them to experience shortness of breath? “Damn it…” Nash snorted coolly before he leaped down and landed in front of the Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut. A terrifying, murderous aura washed over the room. “Quick… let’s go…” The expression on the Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut’s face changed rapidly as he took numerous steps backward. He had grown accustomed to killing during his time in Grestin

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