Chapter 254

Olivia responded tacitly, “The Lane family? What happened?” Of course, she knew. In fact, she had even assisted Nash. Walter’s motives were unknown, and she had to tread with caution. Walter retrieved a file from his briefcase, which he had placed on the chair next to his. “This document is the development rights to Wallis District. I outbid your father for this land because of how much I liked it back in the day!” Olivia’s gaze immediately turned toward the document in Walter’s hands. Wallis District. Her grandparents had lived there for almost thirty years. After her grandfather retired, her father had wanted to use his development rights to Wallis District to build him a mansion where he could comfortably enjoy his retirement. However, Walter had bought off the development rights for three billion dollars. Given her grandfather’s rapidly declining health, Nash had stated he would only live for another two years. Both her father and grandfather would be delighted i

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