Chapter 255

All this was for the sake of his beloved grandson. Olivia approached her bodyguard and whispered, “Send the surveillance footage to Nash…” The bodyguard immediately left to take care of things. Around half an hour later. Nash phoned Olivia and said coolly, “I’ve been informed about what’s happened. I’ll give Kai Watson one more chance. If he insists on making his death wish come true, not even God can save him!” He hung up before Olivia had the chance to reply. If Walter had not come to give him an honest account, he would not have known what happened either. Since he was confessing to his wrongdoings, he would not treat him as harshly as he did to those who never confessed. Walter had even gone to Olivia for help, hence he decided to give them another chance. It would also help Olivia get the chance to honor Mr. Lee. Moreover, Kai was Helena’s boyfriend. Helena was part of the Lewis family. Mr. Lee had saved his life in the past, and he worried Mr. Lee would not r

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