Chapter 256

Helena raised her voice in anger. She was simply in disbelief that Walter had frozen Kai’s villa. Without the villa in Royal Bay, how could she compete with Hera? “Oh my, you scared me to death! Then you'd better call the police. If you don’t know how to, I can help you out!” The security guard cheerfully pulled out his phone. Helena noticed that the way the security guards looked at her had changed. Only then did she realize that they had truly lost the villa in Royal Bay! The phone in her pocket kept ringing with message notifications. Helena quickly pulled out her phone to check the messages. They were all notifications about bank cards being frozen. These three cards were akin to the little savings Kai had stored with her, holding about 150 million dollars in assets. Helena felt as though she had been struck by lightning. Her mind went blank. She widened her eyes in disbelief. “What... What on earth is going on?” Kai’s phone rang too. While supporting him with one ha

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