Chapter 259

The 'someone else' Nash referred to was none other than himself. Had it not been for Olivia's sake, Kai would have suffered. In the backseat, James looked somewhat startled. “Isn’t this the Royal Bay? Do you live here?” The villas in Royal Bay were among the top-tier luxurious residences in the country. The price for one was at least 50 million. Even with money, it might not be available for purchase. How could a small family like the Lewises afford to buy a villa in such a place? “Who are you looking down on here?” Xeno muttered quietly. Mr. Nash was a privileged client of the Skye family. The platinum membership card he held could purchase ten houses in Royal Bay alone. Once the car came to a stop, Nash got out and opened the doors for the two of them. Xeno, on the other hand, took out the luggage from the trunk. James quickly snatched the suitcase from Xeno, saying flatly, “I can handle it myself!” Xeno felt a bit frustrated inwardly. After all, he was the second-in-co

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