Chapter 260

“I came here to visit my relatives, but this place is so big that I got lost. Could you tell me where Villa No. 9 is?” The man in the suit took off his sunglasses, revealing sharp, hawk-like eyes. Hera found herself breathless under his icy gaze. Outside of department officials, outsiders needed homeowner authorization to enter Royal Bay. If this man was visiting relatives, he would have surely notified them in advance for authorization. Furthermore, Villa No. 9 was located in the most conspicuous row within Royal Bay. There were clear signs pointing to Villas 1 to 9 right at the entrance; it was impossible for him not to know where Villa No. 9 was. Therefore, she concluded that this man did not enter through the main gate. “Hera… Why did you come to the park?” Following Hera’s gaze, Nash tried to find what caught her attention, but he saw nothing around. The sudden voice startled Hera. Turning around, she saw Nash and patted her chest while exclaiming, “How do you walk witho

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