Chapter 261

According to what Hera had said, this guy was not even a security manager before. It was only after marrying Hera that he had the opportunity to become one. “Uncle James, being a security manager is impressive. It’s just like your position!” Yvonne, noticing Uncle James’ displeasure with her cousin-in-law, quickly spoke up in Nash’s defense. “How could he compare to me? Our company is a legitimate security firm. Any random team leader there makes a monthly salary of 20,000 dollars, and I mean in Marriot Dollars!” James glanced at Nash coldly and arrogantly. When converted into Drakonian Dollars, it would be equivalent to nearly 200,000 dollars in monthly salary. As a manager himself, James earned close to a million monthly. How could he compare to a security manager from a smaller firm like Baroque? Yvonne stuck out her tongue, then whispered next to Hera, “Uncle James is amazing. He has protected people from the royal family before. His starting commission is 500,000 Marriot D

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