Chapter 263

Hera shyly said, “Hello, Uncle Liam!” Liam had always been in Jonford, but she had never met him before. If this got out, people would probably laugh their heads off. However, she greatly admired her mother’s character for choosing love over familial ties. In business families, marriages were often seen as crucial alliances, ideally between equally powerful families. On one hand, it was about forming a stronger business empire. On the other, it was about ensuring the combination of exceptional genes to produce even more outstanding descendants. They believed this was an essential factor in maintaining the longevity of the family’s power and wealth. “As expected of Lauren’s daughter. Words like ‘your beauty puts aphrodite to shame’ can’t even begin to describe you!” Liam said, feeling guilty deep down but not showing it on his face. “Uncle Liam, you’re so good at compliments! Why don’t you ever compliment me?” Yvonne pouted and approached, seemingly wanting to compete for att

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