Chapter 264

They were just having a casual dinner, so Nash only reserved a Diamond Private Room. Even so, the Diamond Private Room at the Chateau Hotel was about 200 square meters. Holding her Winnie the Pooh, Yvonne exclaimed again, “Such a big room, such a big table! I’ve never dined in such a luxurious hotel before!” She then turned to Hera, asking curiously, “Hera, do you often dine here?” Hera replied with a smile, “I’ve only dined here once. This time, it’s all thanks to you that I get to eat here again.” “Hehe... Hera, you sure have a way with words!” Yvonne giggled amusedly. Soon after, the waiter started serving dishes. In order to avoid waste, Nash instructed Olivia to prepare portions for only eight people. There were 18 signature dishes plus three soups. An ordinary banquet would look pretty much like this. However, these dishes were beyond what one would expect at a regular banquet. ... In Royal Bay Villa, Maria sat on a bench at the entrance of the villa, eating snac

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