Chapter 265

This was a martial artist, and one above the level of a grandmaster. The man in the suit glanced at the group coldly and said in a chilling voice, “I’m in a good mood today. I don’t want to kill anyone…” After saying that, he vanished like a shadow, leaving the villa. Not long after he left, a patrol car pulled up at the entrance. Felicity and Angelica stepped out of the car. Xeno was somewhat taken aback. Were the police always this swift? Felicity approached and asked, “Where is Yvonne Mare?” “They... went out to eat…” Xeno replied, then quickly added, “A thief just ran out of the villa. You need to chase after him!” Angelica frowned. “A thief? In Royal Bay?” Felicity glanced at the unconscious Logan on the ground, his tongue stuck out and his eyes rolled back. She said slowly, “He’s not just any thief. He came for Yvonne!” Angelica turned pale. “Did they manage to take anything?” Just an hour ago, a message from the National Security Department was sent out. Two people

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