Chapter 266

After James was done with the explanation, Yvonne’s eyes widened. Tears welled up in her eyes as she asked anxiously, “Then... then what about my dad...?” “Your father possesses a lot of biotechnologies and also has five years of experience in FS Microbacteria research and cultivation. Even the political circles of the Moliga Empire won't dare to harm him easily!” James whispered reassuringly. “Then is there still a chance for my dad to return to Drakonia?” Yvonne continued to ask. “There’s a chance... but it’s tough!” “Dad…” Tears flowed down Yvonne’s cheeks. “Yvonne, did you put that crystal ball in your suitcase?” James asked solemnly. “The crystal ball is inside my Winnie the Pooh!” Yvonne's shoulders twitched as she clutched her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal tightly. It was a gift from her father for her 16th birthday. Later, her father gave her another crystal ball and told her it was very important and that she should never lose it. She racked her brain wondering how

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