Chapter 268

Despite seeing Felicity standing very close to Nash, Hera still had a happy and excited smile on her face. She immediately pulled Yvonne aside for a chat. She believed that Nash was not the type to be easily swayed by other women. However, seeing the man she loved getting close to another woman did stir a hint of jealousy in her heart. “What is it? Do I know you that well?” Nash gave Felicity an annoyed look. “Ah... Never mind... Never mind... Hehehe!” Felicity realized that Nash did not want his family to know, so she awkwardly smiled and stayed silent. She had boasted many times in front of her grandfather, but none of it was ever true. This time, she could genuinely brag in front of him. Liam glanced at the time and said with a smile, “Laurie, James, it’s getting late. I need to return to the company to handle some matters. Let’s continue this another day!” Lauren nodded and responded, “Alright, Liam. Be safe on the road!” Not long after Liam left, Felicity felt a bit ou

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