Chapter 269

Nash looked at the man in the suit with a mocking smile. For a stage six grandmaster, his strength was decent. Even a mere covert operative had such strength. It seemed the martial artists abroad were quite strong! The man in the suit fastened his belt. Then, he immediately threw a punch at Nash. He did not care who this person was. Anyone who obstructed him from obtaining FS Microbacteria must die. Nash lifted his hand and grabbed the man’s fist. A deep and profound inner energy surged into his body from the arm. With his stomach’s energy circulating, he instantly diverted the force to his feet. The ground was indented slightly. The pupils of the man in the suit instantly shrank as he pulled out a dagger from his belt with his left hand. Nash sidestepped, kicking the man squarely in the chest. The man flew backward, breaking a tree as thick as an arm. “A Profound Reality Realm expert!” The man in the suit exclaimed in shock. Nash approached the man in a few strides, gra

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