Chapter 270

“I understand!” Nash responded faintly, then quickly walked away. He returned to his room. There, he took out his phone and dialed a number. ... In the Jacksons’ estate in Capiton, Lucas Jackson was sitting on the couch with an expensive cigar in hand. He was the son of the Jackson family. A group of masked men in black stood in the villa. Beside them, a masked individual sat intently gazing at a computer screen that displayed surveillance from various sections of the Cape River Expressway. “Mr. Lucas, the convoy from the Ninth Division is estimated to enter Capiton territory in four hours!” “We must leave immediately and intercept them outside Capiton!” Lucas gave the order nonchalantly. Dozens of masked men swiftly turned and exited the villa. “Lucas, those are agents from the Special Security Institution! Do... Do you really want to do this?” A dignified and elegant-looking lady expressed her concerns. She was Lucas’ elder sister, Lana Jackson. Hearing that her young

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