Chapter 271

Those in the Special Security Institution were all stage five and above grandmaster-level experts. These masked individuals’ power was also quite extraordinary as they were almost all martial arts grandmasters with five of them even being great-grandmasters Judas punched the masked man before asking in a deep voice, "Who are you? How dare you intercept the Special Security Institution?" "You’re merely part of the Ninth Division, not even the head office. Why should we be afraid of intercepting you?” sneered the man in reply. He drew a precision knife from behind him and slashed at Judas. The terrifying glint of the blade came slashing down as Judas sidestepped it just as quickly. A Maybach behind him exploded after being cut in half. Judas unsheathed two blunt-edged swords from behind him and rushed forward. The two figures engaged in battle again, which lasted an hour. The Ninth Division was already at a disadvantage. There was a drone in the sky transmitting this scene to th

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