Chapter 272

Step by step, Francis made his way toward the masked man. His tone had been arrogant and domineering like it came from a monster in an abyss. The masked man took two steps back in fear. "Which family are you from?" Francis narrowed his eyes. His cold eyes were so breathtaking that the masked man felt his courage crumble. He felt a chill enveloping his entire body and could not stop shivering Francis was an expert at the peak of the Profound Reality Realm. He was one of the guardians of the four islands of Drakonia. He was rumored to be cruel by nature and possessed a bloodthirst that went down to his core. He even once shattered foreign cruisers that approached Phoenix Island. The masked man took a deep breath before lifting a hand to slap himself on the forehead. His skull shattered, and he died instantly. Seeing this, the other masked individuals also dropped their weapons one after another before killing themselves. The Ninth Division was stunned. Who was this man who manage

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