Chapter 273

There had been many wealthy families lining up in their luxury cars to welcome him when he descended the mountain. However, his master had ordered him to refrain from being an accomplice to villains after going down the mountain. It was not until his father was arrested because of debts that he contacted Royal Biotech, one of the parties that had wanted to hire him before. He also recently came to a certain understanding of Royal Biotech. It was an exploitative company through and through. He felt like he was deceiving his master and desecrating his forebearers whenever he helped them. "Northdale Mountain? Are you Salvia Path’s apprentice?" Nash looked at the man in the suit in surprise. There were many hermits on Northdale Mountain, but only Salvia’s abilities were the real deal. When he was eight years old, Salvia had once run over to Tili Mountain to challenge his master. Although she failed, she managed to last two rounds against his master. He had witnessed his master e

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