Chapter 275

However, the Green Bamboo Association had mobilized almost all its forces this time. The reason why they were able to establish a foothold in Sagen for decades was because they were strong in martial arts. They were so strong that even the top ten families of Capiton were not willing to provoke them easily. "We have a pretty good network. We can still get 20 or 30 martial arts grandmasters,” Olivia said, her voice deep. Joseph had even taken out his phone to reach out to his contacts when Theo said, "There’s no need for that. Nash’s connections are beyond your imagination. I trust he’ll survive this disaster.” … On Phoenix Island, Francis had also received the news upon returning to his room to cultivate. He did not know where to laugh or cry. "This kid has just come down from the mountain and already he’s bringing the sky down.” "Should we send someone to Jonford to help him?" Francis waved his hand. "No need. He has a lot of cards up his sleeves. We should just eat, drink, and

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