Chapter 276

"Ahhh!” Unable to stand the torture, the middle-aged man roared. Two streams of tears fell from the corners of his eyes as he bellowed, "Stellar, I treat you like my brother, yet you’re so cruel to me!” Stellar's expression was ferocious. "You betrayed the warden. Even if you were my father, it’d still be unacceptable!” It pained him to see that they had gone from good friends to this. "Just kill me! I'll never tell you anything! I just beg of you to make it quick since I took a bullet for you once,” said the middle-aged man through gritted teeth. "You disappoint me, Harry,” Stellar said as he angrily flung the soldering iron into the brazier. He then turned and walked out of the prison. This prison was built for foreign secret agents. He never thought he would one day have to use it on his own people, more so a good friend who had faced life and death with him. Just then, a soldier arrived and saluted. "Colonel, the warden is looking for you.” Stellar nodded and then left for

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