Chapter 277

Nash did not click on any of them. Instead, he just published a post. [Heavenly Martial Arts Order [Location: Jonford, Drakonia. [Time: In eight hours. [Event: Confidential. [Contact person: Zakariah Sinclair Zabel. Minimum strength requirement: Strage one great-grandmaster.] After typing out the corresponding information, he clicked on a golden token icon on the right, and a three-dimensional token instantly appeared on the computer screen. The words 'Heavenly Martial Arts Order' were engraved on it as it burned amidst golden flame. He then clicked on ‘publish.’ The token on the screen spun before finally disappearing. Nash leaned back against the chair and muttered to himself, “We’ll have to use excessive force this time to properly scare the Kleins.” The Kleins had planned the Young family tragedy. The destruction of the Ten Juggernauts would definitely draw their attention, but Nash had no plans on confronting them head-on before he broke through from the Profound Reality Rea

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