Chapter 278

"I just ate. If you had told me earlier, I’d still be able to eat!” Nash's tone was somewhat regretful. Xeno was a little dazed. It was obvious that this banquet was an attempt to get rid of him, yet he was still regretful. Finn looked at Nash in shock. What was going on? The four young masters of the Green Bamboo Association wanted to invite Nash to dinner? Could Nash and the Green Bamboo Association be affiliated with one another? "It's hard to decline such a generous invitation. Wouldn't it be disrespectful if we don't go?" Nash said as he slide into Xeno’s BMW. Finn stood stock still as his expression twisted into one of perplexity. "Aren't you coming?” Nash asked. Troubled, Finn asked, "Since you guys are going to dinner, then I guess I won't be joining?” Nash smiled, then turned to look at Xeno. "Is Winnie Enders there?” Xeno nodded. "Winnie is the grandson of the Hooligan Juggernaut. He also came to Jonford this time.” Finn clenched his fist slightly when he heard Xen

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