Chapter 279

"Didn't you ask Kai to come?" Helena said angrily. Although Kai was down and out for now, she still chose not to give up on him. She believed he would return to the Watson family one day. As long as she stayed with Kai as they went through thick and thin together, he would definitely treasure her even more in the future. Hugh laughed heartily and said, "We only invited him over for some entertainment!" Xavier and Taka were also guffawing. Taka still had gauze over one eye, and when he laughed, it strained his injury, causing him to grimace in pain. Kai clenched his fists and said coldly, "I may not be part of the Watson family now, but I still have some connections. I know you guys are going to deal with Nash. I can do my part!" Everything that happened to him had been caused by Nash, so he would not let him go. Winnie sneered. “Mr. Kai, do you think we need your help?” The Green Bamboo Association had sent seven Juggernauts, a thousand Energy Cultivation Realm martial artist

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