Chapter 280

Nash led Finn and Xeno into the private room. Felicity was slightly taken aback. Why was he here? When Helena saw Nash, it was as if she laid eyes on her lifeline. "Nash! Nash, save me!" She was certain that Kai would not be able to save her anymore. The young ladies and young masters from the other prominent families also did not dare interject in this situation, so only Nash could save both her and Kai now. When the four young masters of the Green Bamboo Association saw the man of the hour arrive, the smiles on their faces disappeared. The two bodyguards who had been beating up Kai also stopped. Nash grinned and said, "Go on. Don’t stop!” Then, he dragged a chair over and squeezed in between Olivia and Sydney. Grabbing a glass from beside him, he took a sip from it as if he was here to watch a good show. "That's my glass..." Sydney clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Only then did Nash notice the lipstick mark on it. "Sorry.” He then hurriedly returned the glass to Sy

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