Chapter 281

Finn grabbed Winnie's right hand and pressed it against the wall before driving his blade through and cutting off his thumb. The next cut took his index finger. Winnie was screaming non-stop, and despite the six bodyguards seeing it, they were helpless. They were worried the man would kill Winnie if they were to intervene. Everyone in the private room did not dare breathe as they were utterly confused. When had the Green Bamboo Association ever been bullied like this? Xeno swallowed dryly. This was expected of a target Mr. Nash had set his eyes on. The man was absolutely ruthless! Nash was drinking his wine as if nothing was happening. He then looked at the other three gentlemen and said with a smile, "Didn't you invite me for a meal? Come, let’s toast!” Taka picked up his wine glass with a trembling hand. Hugh and Xavier also held theirs tremblingly. "Cheers!" Nash tipped his head back and downed the alcohol while the other three sipped theirs absent-mindedly. Nash put down

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