Chapter 282

The two helped each other out of the private room. Nash glanced at their backs and shook his head helplessly. They would not have fallen to this level if they had refrained from provoking him. They had inflicted this on themselves. … In the Jonford Ministry of Political Affairs, Henderson hurried into Jade's office. "Governor, something’s happened!” "What's the fuss about?" Jade put down his phone and looked at Henderson. "A large number of private jets from all over the country flew into Jonford today. We’re seeing difficulties in air traffic control. Capiton also intends to cancel all flights departing from Jonford today!" Henderson had never encountered such a situation before and was very nervous at the moment. What the hell was going on with all these private jets? Jade, however, seemed calm about this. "I just heard about it. We’ll do what Capiton wants.” “Is something important happening?” Henderson asked carefully. "Not that I’m aware of. Just do as they wish.” …

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