Chapter 283

Her voice was clean and clear without any dissonance. It even sounded like it came with a built-in tuning effect found in incredibly sophisticated sound systems. It was nearly comparable to the covers uploaded by internet celebrities with tens of millions of followers. Nash did not bother them. He went back to his room and closed the doors and windows, dampening the noise. Then, he took out the Box of Light from the drawer. After having unlocked it the last time, he was able to unlock it quickly this time. He caressed the only relic left by his family in the box as he whispered softly, "Tonight, I’ll pay tribute to the ancestors of the Young family in the heavens with the blood of the Greem Bamboo Association.” Nash slid the golden dragon ring onto the middle finger of his right hand. The ring instantly shrunk, wrapping tightly around his finger. His eyes narrowed. "This ring doesn’t look to be just some ordinary ring!" He opened his Third Eye with hopes of prying into the myste

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