Chapter 284

The second stage involved tempering one’s physical body and stamina. Once in possession of a powerful physique, he would be able to even challenge opponents who had cultivated more than him. In his previous encounter with the Nutcracker Juggernaut, both he and the Nutcracker Juggernaut had been in the later stages of the Profound Truth Realm. However, the Nutcracker Juggernaut was able to overpower him easily by using a secret technique that temporarily propelled him to the peak of the realm. He had to disregard martial ethics and resort to using Path techniques to defeat his opponent. By cultivating the second stage of the Longevity and Creation Technique, he would gain the ability to fight beyond his level. Nash closed his eyes and began to refine his body according to the second stage techniques. The true energy in his energy center surged wildly, transforming into dozens of energy streams before they coursed through his muscles and bones. There were nine stages to the Longev

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