Chapter 285

Sylvestor Scott… Hector Nodrunk… These were all experts who had entered the top martial arts rankings. How did her grandfather manage to invite them? Her grandfather did not seem to have the kind of status that could warrant it. "Senior, wait for me!" A familiar voice sounded behind Skadi, and a shiver ran through her. She slowly turned her head to look behind her, only to see ahandsome man with long flowing hair and double eyelids walking toward her. He was wearing a tight-fitting black outfit today that highlighted his slender figure. “C-Cillian!” Skadi called out while blushing. He was none other than Father Cillian, the one who had been on her mind and in her dreams. "Miss Zabel.” Cillian's expression was calm, but Skadi noticed the slight furrow on his sharp brows. Sure enough, he resented the way she had addressed him. Lloyd caught up and said with a smile, "You guys talk. I’m going to disappear for a bit.” There was really no place for him to lounge about in the yard,

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