Chapter 27

Helena and her family rushed to the villa. The family of three arrived at the old man's room. Seeing that the old man had woken up, the three of them were absolutely depressed. Herman glanced at the three calmly, then said to Harrison, "Harrison, go out first." Harrison sighed before slowly turning around and heading out of the room in a lonely manner. After two hours, Helena's family of three walked out of the room with smiles on their faces. The old man had put on a gray traditional garb and combed his hair back. He looked completely refreshed. Seeing that his father was not even using a cane anymore, a smile made its way onto Harrison's face. "Harrison, Dad wants to go talk a walk at Rococo. Would you like to come along?" Hubert asked Harrison with a smile. Without even waiting for Harrison to answer, Herman said calmly, "You should go back to Baroque. My body's already recovered. You don't have to look for me if you don't need anything else." "Yes, Dad." Harrison s

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