Chapter 28

Hubert called Mr. Zoel excitedly. However, Mr. Zoel was puzzled. "Mr. Lewis, are you sure this is what the chairman said?" Hubert solemnly replied, "Of course. Why would I lie to you?” "Mr. Lewis, please pass the phone to the chairman. I have no right to change the ownership of the real estate without the chairman’s authorization.” Hubert covered the microphone and looked at the old man. "Father, Mr. Zoel refuses!" Herman snorted coldly. He took the phone and said sharply, "Mr. Zoel, do what Hubert wants!" Zoel was shocked and quickly responded, "Yes, Mr. Lewis. I'll deal with it now!" Herman returned the phone to Hubert and slowly turned his head to look out the window at the rapidly retreating scene. Some doubts had started forming in his heart. Zoel had always obeyed his words. Why did he hesitate today? … At Rococo Co. Ltd., Adam Zoel sat on his office chair mulling over some doubts. The chairman had clearly decided to give the villa in Royal Bay to Hera, so why did he

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