Chapter 29

A flash of hostility shot through Herman's eyes. "B*stards! How dare they lie to me?!" He then stormed out of the office building. Hubert took out his phone to call his daughter. "Has Mr. Zoel settled everything?" he asked. "It's done, Dad. Get someone to destroy all the surveillance footage of Lewis Estate immediately!" "Okay, I'll arrange for it right away!" … At Baroque's headquarters, Hera brought Nash to the president's office. Harrison and Lauren were sitting on the sofa with sad expressions. Lauren was dressed in professional attire. She was nearly 50 years old, yet her skin was well-maintained. It was as if she was in her 30s. "Dad, Mom..." Hera greeted them and sat on the opposite sofa. "Uncle, Aunt!" Nash also sat beside Hera. Harrison and his wife looked at the two and then at each other with even more sorrowful expressions. Hera asked softly, "Did something happen again?" Harrison sighed. "Your grandfather took back the villa in Royal Bay..." Hera smiled dum

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