Chapter 30

Harrison's eyelids twitched. "Where did you get 200,000 dollars?" "Your sister-in-law wants to split Hannah's pension equally and transferred it to me!" Lauren answered. She could tell that Nash was a very capable person. In any case, she would not give up on this son-in-law. "Aunt, you can keep this money. It’s easy for me to make money.” Nash could tell from Harrison’s tone that funds were very tight for Baroque. Yet, his future mother-in-law was willing to give him this sum of money. When he went abroad to perform missions, he only used about 42,000 for a month on both food and accommodation while staying in a five-star hotel. Lauren was really treating him as part of her family, and that warmed Nash’s heart. Harrison took the bank card from his wife. Lauren frowned. Just as she was about to deliver the goods, she saw Harrison shoving the card forcefully into Nash's arms. "Since we’re giving it to you, just take it. You can go hide for a month. When the old man recovers hi

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